Our Mamas

                                          Meet Heidi 

Heidi has two kids Jackson age 2.5 and Mila 7 months. Her biggest advice for a new mom is to be patient with yourself and cut yourself some slack. Being a new mom is the most wonderful thing in the world and can be HARD at the same time. You are doing a great job!  Get out and socialize with other new moms and their little ones. Join a baby group in your area! Her biggest motivation to stay active is Longevity! For me staying fit is about staying healthy throughout life. I want to be a fit grandma one day chasing after the grandkids, ha! Also, it is the best mood enhancer and helps to keep my mind clear.


                                                 Meet Rachel

Rachel stays active with weekly running, strength training and soccer. She has two kids which she refers to as “double trouble”. A 2 year old little girl and 5 month old boy. Her biggest advice for a new moms is that not all advice is applicable to your little one so do what you feel is best and listen to your maternal instinct. She would choose the Double Latte Bra from our collection because while nursing high impact support is always helpful and because CAMO is one of her favorite colors. She wants to live a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, and to be able to keep up with my two little ones.


               Meet Kristen


My name is Kristen Chater, and I am very grateful to be considered a FIT MOM by BO&CO. I have one beautiful daughter, and even before being a Mom, I've been a big believer in strengthening the body from the inside out, to increase performance in life as well as in sport; Motherhood, being the hardest, longest, and most rewarding race I'll ever have. My biggest motivation to stay active is, to remain pain free, always be increasing my full body strength, and mainly, to lead by example. In a world of technology, it's becoming easier for kids to be sedentary. In my opinion, children will always learn more from what is caught rather than taught, and I like to think I'm being caught by my daughter doing positive things for my mind and body. My daily exercise routine always includes Pilates, which my daughter loves to join, as well a lot of strength and mobility training. To make sure my daughter is involved we're always hiking or playing baseball together outside. Some advice I would give new moms, would be to never settle for anything less than feeling your best! It’s very easy to be consumed with the responsibilities of Motherhood which can cause us to fall into fatigue, pain, and even depression. This doesn't have to be the price you pay for being a mom; movement and activity that you enjoy, can help fight all of those things. Find ways to be active with baby and ask for help so you be active on your own as well. You’ll be a happier, healthier woman and mother, and that perseverance will be a positive influence on your baby for years to come.



Meet Jamie

I am a competitive water skier. I compete in waterskiing at the Provincial and National level in Canada. When I’m not on the water behind the boat I love to lift weights in the gym, attend stroller fit classes outside in the park with other moms and their babies and squeeze in the odd pilates class. I am mom to one baby boy. My biggest advice for new moms is to take time to really find your village of support and people to use as references along your parenting journey. These people may come in many forms: your workout partners, doulas, friends, family, people in private specialized facebook groups, other people reading the same books on baby food as you, etc etc. Reach out to your support system and know that you are not alone. The bra I would choose from BO&CO's collection is the stretch& sweep bra in black! I love the thick clasp at the back and the adjustable straps to go with different styles of clothing. And for me, black goes with 99% of my workout (and daily) wardrobe. My biggest motivation to stay is of course my baby boy. I am a stronger, more balanced and present mom when I have exercised. My mom is also a huge motivator because she is an actively involved, fit and strong grandma who can play outside all day long with my son and I’d love to be like that too one day.